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Diver Composite Fins - Anchors (Blade only)

Diver Composite Fins - Anchors (Blade only)

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  • Life Span: DiveR fins last on average 4X longer then other carbon fiber fin brands, average 8 year life span.
  • Efficient Propulsion: Carbon fibre provides extreme kinetic output & propulsion.
  • Speed and Glide: Reduce drag, increasing speed for & glide form.
  • Reduced Muscle Fatigue: Balanced flexibility and output minimises muscle fatigue, increasing breath hold.
  • Buoyancy Control: Carbon materials aid controlled descents & ascents for safety.
  • Weight & Manoeuvrability: Lighter materials make fins more manoeuvrable, allowing for rapid directional change.
  • The DiveR Composite Fibreglass blades are the world’s most advanced composite diving fin blade. Derived from a lifetime of passion with the world of spearfishing and freediving, the developer of DiveR fins is Ray Powell – a commercial freediver and spearfishing champion.

    The DiveR Composite freediving/spearfishing blades are made in Australia. They are manufactured using the hardest and toughest state of the art designer epoxy resin system. The DiveR Composite fins are handmade employing the finest quality and attention to detail. They are durable and tough which makes them suitable for very demanding conditions. The blades can be used by casual divers and even high performance athletes.

    The customised hybrid epoxy resin system, twinned with state of the art design and aerospace grade fabric are combined to create a fin that transfers load to the larger muscle groups – instead of focusing on any one specific location. This is possible by enabling the fin to progressively flex from heel to the toe. The base of the blade has an ergonomic angle which aids streamlining. This makes both deep diving and surface swimming a breeze.

    Because DiveR produces nothing but the highest quality of equipment, many commercial divers are into their 7th year of using the same pair of blades.

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